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NUR3201 Case Study 1 Accountability and Responsibility

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NUR3201 Case Study 1 Accountability and Responsibility

Assessment name Written Case Study 1 NUR3201
Brief task description
This assignment has two parts
Part One requires students to demonstrate engagement in the learning via completion
of the embedded Modules 1-6 asynchronous/ synchronous learning activities associated
with the coronial case of Mr Roy Jacobs (Queensland Coroner 2017), specifically Modules
Part Two requires students to provide a short analysis of the coronial case of Mr Roy
Jacobs (Queensland Coroner 2017). The analysis of the case of Mr Roy Jacobs should
relate to a human factor (one) that led to missed recognition of deterioration and a
strategy (one) to prevent this from occurring again from the perspective of a Registered
Nurse within their scope of practice whilst caring for Mr Jacobs. Stunts must specifically
link current and relevant Australian literature to their analysis.
Comprehensive details of the required task can be found in the ‘Task Information.’
section of this document and the assignment marking rubric provided on the course
study desk under ‘Assessments.’
Rationale for assessment task
This formative assessment task will provide feedback to allow students to self-assess
their learning and knowledge against the course learning outcomes before submitting
an individual analysis of a separate coronial case as the major assessment later in the

Culturally appropriate assessment and communication can save lives and improve
patient outcomes. This assignment tasks helps student to consider the role and
accountability of a Registered Nurse., to prepare them for clinical practice where they
will be required to work within the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
and National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards User Guide for Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Health.
Due Date 15th April 20

Task information
Part 1 details To complete this assignment, you must complete all the following.
Access study desk Modules 1-6 content (10 marks)
Students are to access and complete Modules 1-6 and attempt on study desk BEFORE
submitting the Case Study 1. Full marks will be allocated for accessing and attempting all
Modules 1-6 content. Students will be able to visualise completion of activities within the modules to help
them keep on track and ensure all aspects are completed. No access and attempt to complete activities within modules 1-6 before submission
will result in no marks allocated for this task

Part 2 details

To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to complete all the following. Analysis (approximately 600 words) (40 marks)
Students are to analyse one Human Factor (cognitive, competency or organisational) from the Inquest of Roy Rodney Jacobs that led to the missed opportunity to detect deterioration. This focused analysis should specifically relate to the Registered Nurse’s
role in recognition of deterioration and should provide one strategy that would prevent this from occurring if in a similar patient interaction within their scope of practice whilst caring for Mr Jacobs. (NB A summary of the case is not required nor necessary for this
1. The analysis should commence with a focus on one Human Factor chosen from the case – cognitive, competency, or organizational (covered in modules 1-6). from the perspective of the Registered Nurse about the Inquest of Roy
Rodney Jacobs, this should be approximately 200 words, and the case should not be summarised or included in an introduction or conclusion.
2. Students should include a discussion of the types of missed assessments /missed opportunities. Considered necessary from the Registered Nurse in recognition of deterioration specific to caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
This should be approximately 200 words, and it does not need to summarise the case or include an introduction or conclusion.

3. Lastly students should provide one strategy that could be implemented to risk mitigate the missed opportunity chosen from the case that relates to and demonstrates knowledge of the Registered Nurse’s responsibility and accountability for detecting and responding to acute deterioration. In this discussion students should consider the National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standard – Partnering with Consumers Standard and reflect upon ‘if the health service were to work with Mr Jacobs’s family what other strategy (other than those recommended by the QLD Coroner) could they put in place to prevent another similar incident occurring?’ Approximately 200 words
The discussions must be supported by relevant and contemporary literature including journal articles and relevant legislative and health policy and guideline documents.

It is expected that a minimum of 3 journal articles will be used. Writing Style This assessment piece will be written in the form of an academic piece of work incorporating references to relevant peer reviewed articles and grey literature (legislative and relevant health department policies and guidelines). Students need to demonstrate synthesis of published material with the student’s own analysis to
demonstrate appropriate understanding of key safety and quality concepts within the case. Students should not re-state or provide a synopsis of the case in their work.

• For this assessment, you will use APA 7th referencing style.
• Sources: Students reference list must include at least three scholarly sources with
the majority no older than 6 years old.
• In text citations: Students must include intext citations in the body of work. Each
new point or piece of evidence must be attributed (via in-text citation) to the
Formatting Style Double spacing, font size 12, page numbers to be included
available to
complete task
Coroners Court Queensland: Inquest Findings into the death of Roy Rodney Jacobs, a 48
year old indigenous man
Inquest Findings – Roy Rodney Jacobs (
National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards User Guide for Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Health
Assignment Extension Request. Not permitted, as completion of modules 1-6 and submission of this Case Study 1 is
specifically scheduled allow for timely, constructive and specific feedback to support
learning and to improve student learning in preparation for the major piece of
assessment which is Case Study 2. Referencing Support
Assignment Support
Submission information
What you need
to submit
One Microsoft Word document that contains the following items
• Coversheet including unit code, unit name, semester and year, assignment title,
student name, student number, word count
• Do not include the marking criteria sheet
What you need completed prior to submission
All students are required to complete the modules 1-6 learning activities associated with
the case of Mr Roy Jacobs on study desk (worth 10 marks out of the overall grade)
BEFORE they submit their case study assessment piece. Full marks will be allocated for
accessing and attempting all of modules 1-6 content.

Submission requirements
This assessment task must:
 use APA 7th referencing for citing academic literature
 be submitted in electronic format as an Adobe PDF document or Microsoft Word
document via Turnitin through the assignment link in the course study desk.
File Name
Save your document with the following naming
conventions: studentnumber_NUR3201_S2_2023 A1.doc/
Moderation All academic staff who are assessing your work meet to discuss and compare grading
decisions before marks or grades are finalised.
The pursuit of scholarly activity in an open, fair, honest, respectful, and responsible
manner. Academic Integrity includes a commitment not to engage in or tolerate acts of
falsification, misrepresentation, or deception. Such acts of dishonesty violate the
fundamental ethical principles of the University community and compromise the
worth of work completed by others. Breaches of academic integrity undermine your
development and the ability of you to work at the level needed after you graduate.
Academic Misconduct includes but is not limited to Plagiarism, Collusion, Cheating
and Contract Cheating, Impersonation, Misrepresentation and Falsification, SelfPlagiarism and Solicitation. Use of artificial intelligence to generate assessment text
without explicit permission from your teaching team is a form of plagiarism and
contract cheating and is not permitted in NUR3201.Please see links below for further

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