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News Media Analysis Assignment

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Watch the video provided, Four Corners: Grounded, and analyse the content in terms of the following four sections.

  1. Identify the issues discussed in the video which relate to the economic impact of COVID 19 on the Australian airline industry
  2. Analyse the issues in terms of the economic theories and concepts covered in unit recordings to date (Weeks 1 -7 – units 1- 13)
  3. Critically analyse the approach taken by the Australian government with regard to supporting the airline sector and compare it with alternative approaches.
  4. Consider what is likely to happen in the next 18 months based on your understanding of economic concepts discussed in class.


  • Please ensure that you clearly identify where in the video the issue was discussed by referring to the approximate time point in the video in brackets e.g. Elizabeth Bryan (Former Chair of Virgin Airlines) discusses the fact that airlines are a capital intensive industry. (1:30)

(1:30) indicates that this was mentioned 1 minute 30 seconds into the video

  • You can include quotes from the video but please acknowledge this appropriately (with inverted commas and time stamp. You should use quotes sparingly – no more that 3-5 short quotes in the whole assignment.
  • You can use additional sources of information if you desire – please reference appropriately – but the MAIN focus of your analysis should be the Four Corners program
  • Please ensure that you discuss how this relates to economic concepts covered in class to date (weeks 1-7 inclusive). This was NOT done well in the report analysis so you need to do a better job this time. Be SPECIFIC and PRECISE in using economic terminology.
  • Write in report form with headings, Arial 12 point font, 1.5 spacing, approximately 1000-1200 words
  • I have provided the transcript to assist you but it is very important not to plagiarise from this document – it has been entered into the Safe Assign database

Please DO NOT do any of the following:

  • Please DO NOT copy and paste or rewrite the questions into your answer file.
  • DO NOT use dot points instead of sentences and paragraphs.
  • DO NOT ask questions about this assessment via email other than personal questions relating to your own private circumstances e.g. if you are ill and need an extension
  • DO NOT forget to submit your academic declaration or your assessment will not be marked.
  • Please DO NOT ask us to pre-read your draft version. We cannot do this for all students and it would not be fair to do it for some.
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