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New Strategic Spatial Planning in Europe

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General Instruction

It is a critical analysis of 500 words, these are the instructions given to me. Each student will be required to undertake an analysis of three assigned readings throughout the semester and write a short critical analysis of each reading totally 500 words each due in week 4, 8, and 12.

This assignment is to be done individually. Discussion of the assigned reading will take place in class in the same week, but after the submission date. Students will also be expected to come prepared to the tutorials with questions or ideas that they wish to discuss with the class. Please note that this is not to be a summary, and for the purposes of this task you can assume that the assessor is familiar with the article in question, so no overview is required.

Outlook of the Analysis

A good analysis will critically assess the reading in the context of city planning and in relation to other content discussed throughout the semester. You are strongly encouraged to draw upon other references and your own research. The best critical analyses will demonstrate independent thinking and research, and will include a number of references that have been found individually and outside of the course content. For your 500 word piece you should read the journal article indicated and offer a critical interpretation/analysis of it. That is a critical summary has the following ingredients:  Is more than merely a desсrіption/repetition of the contents of the reading 

Contextualizes the reading – what is the author’s perspective and do you agree with it. If yes, why? If not, why not?  Incorporates other readings or source materials (such as videos or newspaper articles) in order to have a wider context for your writing  Adds value in some way – by accurately and incisively diagnosing what the reading is about. All materials used should be cited and referenced in the usual manner. The references will not be included in the word count. It is based around a central reading called ″The Treatment of Space and Place in the New Strategic Spatial Planning in Europe″ I have attached the reading. For higher marks 2/3 other sources should be found and commented on etc

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