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Negotiation Experience Powerpoint

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Prepare and present your video on real negotiation experience

In this assignment you will be presenting a real negotiation experience. 

1) Choose a negotiation you were involved in either personally or through your business. It can be one you will be involved in as well.

Use the following as a guide to discussing your negotiation:

Preparing for Negotiations (Before you negotiate)

  1. An advantage to you – Don’t start any negotiation unless you can win something.
  2. Clarify your Aims – What do you want?
  3. Gather Information – Get facts and figures but not too much.
  4. Don’t go it alone – Build alliances.
  5. Get a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) – Have a second-best deal waiting in the wings.
  6. Prepare the setting – Get home advantage if you can.
  7. Prepare yourself mentally – Increase your power by being ready.
  8. Worksheet and key points – Complete the worksheet and review the topic.

2) Prepare and present a video, Powerpoint, etc. (where we can hear you) in the week you are assigned.

3) Post your presentation to this Blackboard Assignment area.

4) Your presentation will be shared with the class, so don’t offer any personal or confidential information.

Negotiation Experience Paper Assignment:

A student who presents negotiation experience is required to write a minimum of a 2-page summary which includes a personal analysis. The page count excludes title page, abstract and reference pages. The paper must be APA formatted.

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