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Natural Resources Sustainable Development

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  1. Describe the conditions contributing to or causing global malnutrition of more than two billion people worldwide, especially the (approximately) 800 million undernourished. In your opinion is the World reaching carrying capacity for food production? What are your recommendations to achieve global food security? Please differentiate the problems causing food shortages on the demand and supply sides.
  • Global water demand is growing steadily and is projected to increase 50% by 2050. Where do you consider most of the increased water demand will come from? Why is water wasted when it is such a valuable resource? How can we incentivize more efficient use of water to protect our water resources?
  • In the case of an underground fresh water aquifer which is accessible as a common property resource for a large number of users explain how the full cost of water for a “sustainable value in use” is estimated and what each component cost is.
  • Is GDP an accurate measure of social welfare? In addition to GDP per capita and Real GDP what indicators would you be interested in to evaluate the welfare of a country?
  • Summarize two of your classmates’ editorials presented on May 12th and two presented on May 19th.  The summaries should include a description of the issue, why it is problematic and suggested solutions. Please describe what you learned from your classmates’ as well.  

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