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Native American Woman Colonialism

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Native American Woman Colonialism


Answer the following questions this week, using both the online lectures and Women of Color and Feminism, by Maythee Rojas.

  1. What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week?
  2. To what extent has colonialism been devastating for Native American women in particular?

Remember that your initial discussion post should be at least 250 words, that you should answer both questions, and that your two responses to the discussion should be thoughtful and not too brief. Your responses should be at minimum 50 words, and you should add something new to the discussion rather than just affirm what another student said. If you are confused by what I mean, go to the orientation module and read over the sample discussion post and replies. If you are still confused, please make an appointment to talk to me in office hours. Native American Woman Colonialism

Also, to receive full points remember that you’re proving that you’ve read and watched the content this week, so please make specific references to the reading as well as the videos using in-text APA citations as well as a works cited section at the end of your post. Please make sure your APA citations are properly formatted.

Include your word count at the bottom of your post and at the bottom of each of your replies.

I look forward to the discussion!

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