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National Holistic Nursing Assignment

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While attending a National Holistic Nursing Conference as a nursing student, you participated in a session about holistic nursing interventions.

You are excited to share your knowledge with your fellow student nurses. In preparation for sharing your knowledge, you need to create a patient educational tool (handout, poster, etc.) that provides education on at least one holistic nursing intervention that addresses either a symptom(s) or condition(s) management. You must include at least one intervention and one symptom or condition. Some interventions can be applied to multiple situations or symptoms.


Your educational tool should be one-to-two pages and work its way from general to specific, cite evidence-based resources, and contain the following:

  1. A definition of holistic nursing intervention(s).
  2. Provide the symptom(s) or condition(s) that you may potentially use with this intervention.
  3. A description of how you would implement the holistic intervention(s).
  4. Include at least one method of implementing the holistic nursing intervention(s).
  5. Include at least one nursing scenario where you might implement the nursing intervention(s).
  6. At least two potential positive outcomes of practicing the holistic nursing intervention(s).
  7. At least two resources providing additional information about self-care for nurses. Explain why each is a good choice.
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