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Multiculturalism LIBS1580 Assignment

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Multiculturalism LIBS1580 Assignment

LIBS1580 Multiculturalism: The Canadian Diversity Project
School of Liberal Studies Winter 2019
LIBS1580 Assignment #2:
Adapting to Multiculturalism

Step 1:
• Locate one website article or video news clip that features an initiative that helps
one of Canada’s diverse groups by providing culturally appropriate or sensitive
services. See

Step 2:
• If you are working in a group, assign ONE question to each group member
(i.e. if you have 2 members, one person will answer question 1 and one person
will answer question 2. If you have 3 group members, the third person will
answer question 3).

Multiculturalism LIBS1580 Assignment

Label each question with the group member who answered it
• Write between 200-300 words for each question:
1. Briefly introduce the service/initiative and the specific cultural group that it
helps. (5 marks) Discuss how the ideas in the article relate to course
concepts learned so far. (5 marks)
2. Describe how the service/initiative in the article helps to create a just and
equal Canada, using specific ideas from the Charter of Rights and
Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code, AND the Multiculturalism Act.
(5 marks)
3. Discuss how the service/initiative in the article supports the cultural
identity of the group it serves. (5 marks) APA FORMAT

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