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Missouri General Assembly Assignment

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Missouri General Assembly Assignment

Go to the Missouri General Assembly House and Senate Joint Bill Tracking search. ( This search will allow you to search bills proposed by legislative sessions in Missouri.

Click in the search box and type in the word “felony” then select a session and click on the Search button.  As you may see, there are numerous hits or only a few. I suggest that you locate a bill that interests you. The bill you select should relate to a criminal law issue. You may want to vary the word search to meet your needs and interests, for example, by entering the words “misdemeanor” or “weapon” or “peace officer”, etc. Once you select a bill, please obtain as much information on the selected bill as you are able to find from the site and elsewhere. Your completed assignment should address the following issues: Missouri General Assembly Assignment

  1. Identification of the bill you selected by the number and sponsor.
  2. A description in your own words of what this bill proposes and how it changes existing law; Why was this bill proposed? (you may speculate if the reason isn’t apparent
  3. What interest groups do you foresee would have an interest in this legislation? An interest group is an organization such as the ACLU, the Missouri Police Chiefs Association,etc.
  4. What are some arguments in favor of and opposed to the adoption of this legislation?

You may articulate existing arguments or develop your own. It is not required that you select a Missouri bill on this assignment. You may select another state if you desire. You will need to locate other state’s site through your own research.

A suitable length on this assignment is 5-10 paragraphs. APA format

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