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Minority Testing Bias Persist Assignment

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Minority Testing Bias Persist Assignment


For this Assignment, you will write a (5) paper about choosing appropriate measures for psychological diagnosis, evaluation, and selection. Identify and summarize psychological measures that are culturally sensitive, based on gender equity, address language barriers, and other biases such as ambiguous and cognition as well as with having a mental illness.

Be sure to address the following:

Part 1. The Minority Testing Bias Persists article calls attention to the fact that some tests may be culture-specific without even knowing it.

  • Discuss the implied message from this article and the need to identify underlying testing items that have subtle stereotypical wording or context that are culturally discriminatory in nature.
  • Discuss effective measures that can address these issues based on your readings for this unit and personal professional behavior.
  • What impact does culture have on the process of psychological assessment and influence diagnosis on verbal communication, and on nonverbal communications? Minority Testing Bias Persist Assignment

Part 2. Issues with ethics, legal, socio-cultural, and personal biases affecting diagnostic, treatment and selection process.

Use APA format, double spaced, new times roman

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