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Microeconomics Assessment 1 Research Paper

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Assessment 1- Report: Microeconomics

There are two microeconomic questions in this assignment, kindly make sure you attend both and follow the outline given below.

Word limit: 2250 words

Business Report Guidelines

Covering page – ensure you include your name, Student ID and word count.

 Executive summary

Table of Contents (use the Word automatically generated table of contents).

Body of report with answers to each of your questions, including headings for each

question and part of question.

References: when you use another person’s wording or another person’s idea you need

to include an in-text or embedded reference and then include the full reference in the

Reference List.

Ensure that your report contains a minimum of six academic references (standard

websites are accepted; blogs are not to be used to support your answer).


APA 6 reference style.

Minimum 11 point font.

Page numbers.

Appendices (only if required).

The weighting on the marks are evenly distributed, but we mark according to the rubric,

which is:

  1. Effective explanation of the concepts covered to demonstrate understanding and
  2. knowledge of the core areas of Microeconomics (30%)
  3. Application of core concepts (25%)
  4. Quality of the answers (20%)
  5. Managing Time (25%)

Table of Contents

Ensure you use the Word automatic table of contents with style guides.

Page numbering starts after the table of contents (i.e. page 1 will contain your first answer).

You should not have a page number on your covering page.

Your table of contents page should have the roman numeral “i”.

Guide to page numbering:

Assessment 1

The Federal government has introduced JobKeeper payments to tackle the rising

unemployment due to COVID-19. Loss of employment has meant a loss of income; this

means we are experiencing a decrease in individual demand by households. With

affordability now low, income elasticity of demand has been impacted. This paper requires

you to use microeconomic analysis to assess how individual demand can be improved.

Question 1:

1. Is JobKeeper effective in retaining casual employment? How is it impacting individual

demand? Do individuals have enough purchasing power to continue buying goods as

normal? Explain whether elasticity has changed. If so, how has price and income elasticity

changed? Provide evidence and use supply and demand diagrams to support your


Question 2:

2. Is this change in demand having an impact on the supply side? Will moving some

manufacturing back to Australia help? If yes, what strategies can the government adopt

to help grow individual industries? Is this likely to influence consumer and producer

welfare? Will there be a dead weight loss? Provide evidence and use supply and demand

diagrams to support your answer.

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