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Mental Health Issues Discussion

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Reply to this discussion post…Be sure that the responses to the post of peers include 2 peer reviewed references with content that demonstrates critical analysis and synthesis of references used. 


Mental health issues is a societal issue that we all have to be aware of and help those that suffer from these conditions. This literature search conducted is to find reputable and credible sources to show that with follow-up and education, those diagnosed with schizophrenia who remain compliant with medication regiments can be productive members of society. I tend to stay with the most common databases, which I am more familiar with and result in the highest-level evidence. These databases are easy to navigate with most filter options being on the left-hand side of the webpage. Using the Walden University library access to databases an extensive supportive evidence search conducted offered numerous supportive article. 

By using specific words, the results can be narrowing down to a more manageable listing (Houde, 2009). The most difficult part is trying to find specific words to be unique to the search to result in the best possible resources to offer the highest quality of evidence (Krainovich-Miller, Haber, Yost, & Jacobs, 2009). Another helpful hint in conducting this search is to access the videos in the weekly resources. By watching these videos, the speakers point out some excellent points in how to eliminate some of the resulting articles by skimming through the abstracts if available (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012a & 2012b). My final helpful hint, if you are ever in need of help, the assistance at the Walden University Library are beneficial and can walk you through the process of searching databases

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