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Manage meeting Assignment

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Introduction To guidelines

You are a Department Manager at Fast-Forward Sporting Goods Store.  There is a responsibility for all sporting goods associated with water (body boarding, swimming, scuba, pool games etc.). Please plan for new products and promotions Spring has arrived and you have to organize a staff meeting to discuss the products and promotions leading up to Christmas, which is a time of high sales volume for the store. You want to make sure that sales are maximized during this period. How you would Conduct and Chair this workplace meeting


How you would Conduct and Chair this workplace meeting and produce:

  • An agenda   for the meeting
  • Explain when and how you  would   plan the  date , and time of the meeting
  • Who  would you need to invite to attend the meeting ?
  • Write a sample An Action Plan for a minimum of  2 key items on the agenda

Second task: Research 

Workplace meetings are usually not bound to strict protocols associated with formal meetings and are usually more informal. When conducting informal workplace meetings, agendas and recording of the meeting outcomes is encouraged.

a. What is an “Action Plan” ?
b. List two advantages of recording an action plan in workplace meetings
c. List 3 strategies that the manager/facilitator of a workplace meeting could use to encourage participation by all team members in attendance at the meeting

Third task: Research

When managing/facilitating a meeting; one of your roles will be to gain agreement/consensus by the group for an action. List the 5 recommended phases for reaching consensus.

Fourth task

Refer to the scenario that you are familiar with for the following question, provide information on workplaces that you know about, and undertake additional research (internet, for example) for your answer.

Provision of Examples

Provide one example on how you could address each of the key provisions of relevant legislation, standards and codes listed below, when you are managing meetings in the workplace. 

a) Anti-discrimination legislation
b) Ethical principles
c) Codes of practice
d) Privacy laws
e) Copyright
f) Occupational health and safety

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