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Logistics and Supply chain management

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You have received the below email form a client.

Dear Customs Broker:

We are interested in bringing 240 dozen of Fresh Carnations flowers from Chile. The flowers are for Ornamental use. We will be selling the products to Walmart and have no previous experience on flowers to Canada. We are concerned that they could have some soil on it and could affect the importation of the goods.

 The unit price of the dozen is of USD $3.96. The freight amount will be USD $ 1500 included in the price of the goods

I want to be Know how much duty and GST I have to pay and what are all the requirements and proper documents on hand to avoid any problem with CBSA. Can you please advise? I am a very busy person and I would prefer to have a Video Conference with you and your team.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Best Regards

Tamara Flores

You will need to prepare the following in order to complete the assignment:

  1. Prepare a Written Report answering the following questions.
    1. 10-digit Canadian HS code for the good.
    1. How much duty and GST will the Importer have to pay.
    1. Is there any applicable Trade Agreement that the importer could benefit? Answer this question by providing the eligibility conditions and if it will be worth to pursuit. Explain the form or certificate of origin under the applicable Trade Agreement.
    1. Is there any other government department involved (OGD)? Which OGD and why do they regulate this good?
    1. Is there is any additional information the importer needs to be informed.  Permit, form, import conditions of the good, certificate, annex code, label requirements, explain in detail how to obtain t and minimum information needed.  You can make use of flow chart to explain the process on your presentation.
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