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Literature Analysis Discussion Assignment

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Literature Analysis Discussion Assignment


Part 1: Analyzing Literature
As a scholar-practitioner, you will probably find yourself reading numerous articles that have been published to share research findings. Reading, understanding, and analyzing the information in these peer-reviewed articles requires several different sets of inter-related s******s.
In Part 1 of this Assignment, you will read two peer-reviewed articles from a provided l****** and write summaries of the articles in your own words. In addition, you will submit a draft to SafeAssign and use the SafeAssign report in a reflection paper. You will submit the article summaries and the reflection paper at the end of the module in one Assignment submission.

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To Prepare for Part 1 of this Assignment:
Review the Learning Resources in this module.
Review the exemplars provided in the Learning Resources.
Choose two peer-reviewed articles from the provided bibliography.
The Assignment: Part 1
Choose two peer-reviewed articles from the provided bibliography and write a 1-page summary for each. These summaries should be in your own words, paraphrasing the information from the articles. Do not just reorder the abstract. Submit your Assignment to SafeAssign and collect the report. Your document should be written following the appropriate APA guidelines and include the following:

Page numbers
Title page
Sentence and citation formatting
Inclusion of reference l******
Submit your draft to SafeAssign prior to beginning Part 2 of this Assignment. Note: This submission will not be graded. It is used only to generate the SafeAssign report. Literature Analysis Discussion Assignment
Part 2: SafeAssign
For Part 2 of this Assignment, you will reflect on your results from your SafeAssign submission and how you can use those results to improve your writing.
To Prepare for Part 2 of this Assignment:
Review the Learning Resources for this module.
Download and review the Safe Assign report from your scholarly article critical summary (Part 1). For additional instructions on how to locate and download this report, see the SafeAssign Students Tutorial in the Learning Resources
The Assignment: Part 2
In a 2- to 3-page paper, interpret and summarize the results of the SafeAssign report. Reflect on the results and how you can use them to improve your writing. Your reflection paper should address the following:
What would you change about your writing based on your SafeAssign report?
What questions do you have about the SafeAssign report?
How can SafeAssign be used to improve your professional writing?
How will you use SafeAssign as you continue through your doctoral program?
What have you learned from the SafeAssign report about identifying plagiarism that you did not previously know?
Make sure to include both an introduction and a conclusion in your paper.
By Day 7 of Week 5
Submit the Article Summaries and the Reflection Paper together as one Assignment submission.

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