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Leadership Theories In Organizational Change

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Competency 2: Assess leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change.

This reflection activity is comprised of two sections, collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts.

Leadership Styles in Action: Review the reading “A Case of Servant, Participative, and Situational Leadership” in Chapter 8. Compare the servant leadership style to that of the participative and situational leadership styles. Think about a leader you know who embodies one of these leadership styles. Consider his or her actions and impact on people.

  • How is this leadership style reflected in your leadership assessment?
  • How could you, as a leader, fulfill this role? What leadership qualities do you need to develop?

High Performance: Recall an experience you’ve had as a member of a high-performing team in the workplace.

  • What steps did that team, or its leadership, take to ensure the team performed well?
  • Could the team have used any of the strategies discussed in this module’s reading to help improve its performance even more?
  • Can you think of an experience with a team that did not perform well and what strategies it could have used to help improve its success?
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