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Leadership Approaches Assignment

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Leadership Approaches Assignment

Research Question and Interview Guide—Qualitative research question on leadership framed in the language of one of the five approaches and accompanying interview guide.”

For this assignment, you will:

  1. Choose one of the five qualitative research approaches and write a research question on leadership consistent with questions typically answered by your chosen approach.

Five qualitative approach are:

  1. Narrative approach
  2. Grounded theory approach
  3. Ethnographic approach
  4. Case study approach
  5. Phenomenology approach
  6. Write a 1-2 paragraph Background section that cites literature on leadership supporting the importance of your research question.
  7. Write an interview guide with open-ended questions and probes, reflecting your approach and research question.
  8. Write about how your reflexivity has or has not contributed to your selection of your approach, your research question, and your interview guide. Leadership Approaches Assignment


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