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Laboratory and Project Reports

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This week’s assignment focuses on Chapters 9 and 10 in the textbook.  There are four parts to this assignment:

1.  Laboratory and Project Reports (Chapter 9)

2.  Critiquing Instructions (Chapter 10)

3.  Writing Instructions

4.  Compare and contrast two articles on writing manuals

Part I.  Laboratory and Project Reports

Identify three similarities between the content of Laboratory and Project Reports (Chapter 9) and Proposals (Chapter 6) and Feasibility and Recommendation Reports (Chapter 8)

Part II:  Critiquing Instructions (Research involved)

1.  Go out to the internet and find instructions for searching the Internet.  There are many sources available.

2.  Copy and paste the instructions into a Word document.  Include the link to the instructions in your document.

3.  Using the Outline 10.1 Instructions from the textbook (p. 176), identify all the instruction elements your example has and then list what instruction elements are missing.

Part III: Writing Instruction Manuals

1.  Read the articles:

a.  Bad Manuals: How to Tell If Your Manual Needs An Overhaul. (2019)

b.  The Cost of Poorly Written Technical Manuals. (n.d.) HurleyWrite, Inc. 

2.  Write one paragraph that compares and contrasts the articles.  Include examples if you have encountered any of the issues the articles discuss regarding poorly written manuals. 

Part IV:  Writing Instructions

1.  Write a set of instructions on how to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

2.  Download and complete the Instructions Template

3.  Copy and paste the template into your assignment document or attach it as a separate document.

Format Requirements:

One-inch (1”) margins


Submit as one or two documents.

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