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Label Theory Journal Answer

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Journal: What is a label

How can labeling affect the criminal path of first-time offenders?

The following is the answer of the above questions


The label theory says that a person with a label could be influence by what label that has

been attached to them in their society. Depending on the label the label can lead to a more

criminal life for the person that is carrying the label. What a label can do it will cause the person

to be forced to be around others that have been label as well and because of this association the

person will tend to increase their criminal activity.

When it comes to the paths of first-time offender, I believe that the person path will all be

determined on how they will view themselves although the label does increase the chances of

subsequent criminal behavior the individual does not have to conform to label. There are plenty

of people that is living in society that have been labeled by past criminal activity and they have

not allowed such a label to dictate their paths.

What diversion strategies could be used as alternatives for first-time offenders?

The diversion strategies that could be used as alternatives for first time offenders is that

instead of placing these offenders in jail or labeling them because of a low-level crime. I think

that each state should go over their laws and make a determine on what could be given just a fine

to pay instead of prosecution. Another strategy is that could be used for a first-time offender is

that they are given the opportunity to complete a program and at the time of completion the

charges will be thrown out and there would be no criminal record.


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