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Knowledge and Skills Inventory GEE 100

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Knowledge and Skills Inventory GEE 100

Assignment One: Knowledge and Skills Inventory

Introductions to Psychology

List course you have completed

Section 1

List of the courses completed/completing

  1. Fundamental Human Biology
  2. Introduction to Physical Sciences
  3. Fundamental Chemistry 1
  4. Critical thinking course

Section 2

Fundamental Human Biology

I have learned various activities regarding human biology. I have taken this course, I have learned how to handle laboratory experiments, project works, lab tests, and human demonstration practices. I have gained knowledge in biological research and the effects of biology in everyday activities.

Knowledge and Skills Inventory GEE 100

Introduction to Physical Sciences

In this course, I have learned skills in the physical aspects of chemistry and physics. I have gained knowledge in the application of geology, astronomy, and meteorology in scientific reasoning. I have gained knowledge in scientific reasoning, understanding various reasoning in the physical sciences, and scientific methods.

Fundamental Chemistry 1

In this course, I have learned the application of the laws of proportions, the definition of the proportions, and the application of the conservation in the quantitative mass. I have gained a diversity of knowledge in stoichiometry, states of matter, oxidation and reduction reactions, and chemical bonding.

Critical thinking course

Upon completing this course, I obtained variety of abilities in terms of objective and critical analysis of topics. I studied the fundamentals of how to make decisions based on available information, data, and observations. Other abilities gained in this course include the capacity to make inferences, good communication, and the use of harmonic problem-solving methods.

Section 3

Fundamental Human Biology

Understanding human biology has been my passion and field of interest. I thought this course would equip me with the required skills to understand better the composition of human biology. Understanding the composition of the human body and the elements that make humans was my area of interest. I believe the course did not disappoint me because now, I understand various elements that involve human composition.

Critical Thinking Course 

This is one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever taken. I chose this course because I knew it would prepare me to deal with a variety of life difficulties. A better manner of resolving problems is required in today’s environment. Having dealt with a variety of social, political, and economic challenges, I believed that taking this course would help me better understand how to address them. Critical thinking includes decision-making. A critical thinking course, I reasoned, would provide me with better techniques to make judgments and decisions, allowing me to reach a better conclusion. This was yet another course that I found to be beneficial. I have always been interested in critical resolutions. This training appealed to me since I knew it would help me comprehend various communication skills. I also needed to be aware of various critical reasoning methods as well as conflict-related issues. This course did not disappoint because it provided me with a critical understanding.

Section 4

One of the courses where I faced some challenges is in the introduction to physical sciences. It was a complex course that needed an understanding of the various parameters in physical sciences. The experimental part of understanding the physical elements of matters was a challenge. The concept of relating two physical sciences was also another challenge because background skills and knowledge in scientific skills are a basic requirement.

Section 5

One of the important thing I have learned in college is how to remain professional regardless of the situation. Before joining college I thought being professional is applicable when things are good on one’s side. This is a different case when I joined college because I could now understand that being professional has no limits. No time frame can limit one from being professional. Now, this is a basic thing I have learned in college in the sense that I now see the essence of remaining professional even when things do now work from my side.

Section 6

I have learned a lot from the course undertaken so far. I have learned the significance of being professional on different occasions. College life has been a major contributing factor for my success in the sense that I got to know how various social aspects can be integrated with scientific reason to make a whole human. The course has equipped me with a better reasoning point of view especially in aspects relating to social interactions and scientific perspective. APA FORMAT

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