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IT Organizational structure Assignment

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·  Chapter 1 – Review the Key Lessons from Chapter 1 – Explain the five key lessons and note the importance of each key lesson from chapter 1.  Also, note why is it important to understand these basic concepts. 

•  Defining Reflection and Learning for an Organization

•  Working toward a Clear Goal

•  Commitment to Quality

•  Teaching Staff “Not to Know”

•  Transformation of Culture

•  Alignment with Administrative Departments

•  Vitally important to integrate IT with various departments to increase adoption of organizational learning

·  Chapter 2 – Note why the IT organizational structure is an important concept to understand.  Also, note the role of IT in the overall business strategy.


1.  What are the five major components that make up an information system?

2.  List the three examples of information system hardware?

3.  Microsoft Windows is an example of which component of information systems?

4.  What is application software?

5.  What roles do people play in information systems?

6.  Everyone interacts with various information systems every day: at the grocery store, at work, at school, even in our cars. Make a list of the different information systems you interact with daily. Can you identify the technologies, people, and processes involved in making these systems work?


1.  Write your own description of what the term information systems hardware means.

2.  What has lead to the shift toward mobility in computing?

3.  What is the impact of Moore’s Law on the various hardware components described in this chapter?

4.  Write a one page summary of one of the items linked to in the “Integrated Computing” section.

5.  Explain why the personal computer is now considered a commodity.

6.  The CPU can also be thought of as the _____________ of the computer.

7.  List the units of measure for data storage in increasing order from smallest to largest, kilobyte to yottabyte.

8.  What is the bus of a computer?

9.  Name two differences between RAM and a hard disk.

10.  What are the advantages of solid-state drives over hard disks?

11.  Re-read the section on IoT, then find at least two scholarly articles about IoT. Prepare a minimum of three slides that address issues related to IoT. Be sure to give attribution to your sources.

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