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Research Record:

In relation to your DLSP-LC Assignment title create a Research Record.


Take the below as a mock Assignment title and create a Research Record for same.

The seminal case of Salomon v. A Salomon & Co. Ltd (1897) AC 22 established the doctrine of separate legal personality in company law. Over time, exceptions to the doctrine have emerged.”

Discuss the circumstances in which the courts may lift or pierce the corporate veil with reference to case law and legislation.

The Research Record should include:

  1. i)               Caselaw

The Research Record must include relevant caselaw (minimum three examples).

All caselaw should be cited in full and should be accompanied with a short case note, to include the following:

  • Case name
  • Parties
  • Court/Judge that decided it
  • Year it was decided
  • Short account of relevant facts including the legal issue to be decided
  • Short account of the court’s finding/ruling (including dissents and obiter)
  1. ii)        Books

The Research Record must include reference to at least two books. Said reference must include:

  • A short paragraph on why the Book is relevant.

All books must be cited in OSCOLA style.

iii)       Journal Articles

The Research Record must include reference to at least two journal articles.

Said reference must include:

  • A short paragraph on why the journal article is relevant.

All journal articles must be cited in OSCOLA style.

  1. iv)        Other Sources

The Research Record may also include any other sources which you deem to be relevant. Said reference must include:

  • A short paragraph on why the source is relevant.
  • All sources must be cited in OSCOLA style.

Clinical Information Systems

The Research Record should also outline the following:

  1. a)     The steps you took to find the relevant information and the keywords you used to find the information.
  2. b)    Any difficulties you encountered in finding the information and the steps you took to overcome those difficulties.
  3. c)     How useful you found each source, according to each of these four criteria: relevance, reliability, authority and objectivity.
  4. d)    If you were to undertake a similar research exercise tomorrow, what would you do differently?

Word count (maximum 2,000 words).

The assignment is worth 30% of the overall grade.

Word count is exclusive of footnotes and a bibliography.

The assignment should be typed, in Times New Roman font, size 12. There should be 1.5 line spaces between each line, and the margins of all text should be justified.

It is essential that your assignment draws on academic commentary and all such sources should be referenced using the OSCOLA referencing system. A guide to the system is posted on MOODLE.

Excessive direct quotations from other sources, even if referenced, without using your own words to show what you have learned may cause you to lose marks. When you read the work of another person and wish to use their material you should put their thoughts in your own words, and then reference the source for the original material. This is an important point.

All assignments must be submitted by the nominated date and time via the TURNITIN link on MOODLE.

You must include a cover sheet with your assignment. Your coversheet must be incorporated as the first page of your submission. You must submit one file only to Turnitin. 

Assignments should be in Microsoft Word format only.

It is permissible to exceed the word limit by 10% only.

You may submit up to 3 times via this link.

Students are reminded of the rules concerning academic misconduct. You must not use someone else’s work without referencing the source, and please note that TURNITIN will tell us whether you have done so.


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