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Introduction Into Young Adulthood Reflection

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Instructions: Read the information below which will you dp your research

Chapter 11 begins our introduction into young adulthood.  As an extension of the chapter 10 reflection, research two countries and identify how they celebrate a transition from adolescence to young adulthood.  In your response, identify the country, the ceremony (transition) and your sources.

Try to examine countries or cultures that are non Western.  Try to choose at least one non Western society.

An example:

2 countries that celebrate the entering of adulthood

1.) Malaysia:

            -In Malaysia they celebrate “Khatam Al Koran” to mark the growth and maturity of Muslim females when they turn 11 years old. This is also celebrated for males after they are circumcised. The girls prepare for their celebration by studying the Quran so they can recite the final chapter in front of guests at the ceremony. (Links to an external site.)

2.) Philippines:

            -In the Philippines, when a female (Filipina) turns 18, they celebrate this entrance into adulthood with a “grand formal celebration.” The girl invites 18 men who bring her 18 roses, 18 girl friends that bring her 18 wishes, 18 family members who bring 18 treasures, and so on. The girl wears an elegant gown, her friends read her speeches, and she receives gifts that she will take with her on her new journey through adulthood. In my opinion, this celebration sounds closely familiar in relations to Quinceanera.

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