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Interprofessional Education (IPE) Group Activity

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Assignment: Interprofessional Education (IPE) Group Activity

Earlier in the course, we discussed ‘wicked’ problems and the challenge in solving them. The key is working with a inter-professional group to problem solve. Our current healthcare environment promotes a hierarchical or top-down management that tends to discourage this inter-professional work. Also, many of our health care professionals prefer to work alone rather than depend on another individual. Much of this stems from training in their profession. It will change with future clinicians, but now we must train the current clinicians to think inclusive.

Inter-professional collaboration is mandated to be taught in pharmacy and medical schools. The newest physicians and pharmacists are aware of all health care professionals and the roles they can play. It is mandated in all the nursing educational training levels from Associate to Doctorate.

For every EBP and QI project that is completed in the healthcare arena, key stakeholders should be included, which becomes the team that implements the change. One thing a team needs is to work towards a common goal to implement the change. You will be asked to speak about your team in your final DNP project; thus, this exercise is very important to consider for your own team.

Scenario: Your work environment does not include staff and health care providers that have had IPE training since it was not required prior to 2015. You wish to implement an activity to introduce team work for a future project. The idea is to have a fun activity that will help break the hierarchical tradition of doing a project and encourage everyone to feel comfortable participating. (In other words, no one is the expert; they are all equal in the activity).

Develop an activity (no longer than 30 minutes to complete) that you could use to introduce the staff to working as a team on this project. This activity can be a problem solving game that requires team work. Think creative and fun. If you use a game that is well known, then follow the rules of referencing.
See the attachment for interactive teaching methods. After the activity is developed, create an evaluation of the activity that allows the learner to complete a self-assessment on the four IPE competencies: Values and ethics, roles and responsibilities, inter-professional communication, and team work. Interprofessional Education (IPE) Group Activity.
Submission Instructions:

Work with your assigned team member(s) to develop the activity. You may meet via a conference call, email, skype, or any web-based conferencing. Microsoft Teams conferencing is available to you at no cost within the UTA email.
See the rubric for grading and paper expectations. The activity and evaluation that the team develops may be attached as an appendix.
It is the expectation that everyone on the team will contribute to portions of the activity.
Reference your work if appropriate.
A designated team member will upload the group paper. Each team member will complete an evaluation of the team and process and upload to their individual assignment box. The last submission is graded. APA FORMAT

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