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Interpersonal Problem Assignment

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  1. Pick an interpersonal problem you are currently having.
  2. Write a letter to “Dear Shannon” (similar to the Dear Abby advice column) regarding your problem.

A. Take a look at “Annie’s Mailbag” or other advice columns.

           B. Give enough background or context so that the person who receives your letter will be 

                  able to provide you with an answer.  Be descriptive.  Provide one very detailed


(for example, a letter that says, “Dear Shannon, I am having problems with my husband. Can you help? Questioning in AZ” is not enough information.)

           C. Make sure it’s an interpersonal problem.  

 (Trying to decide whether to buy a dog or not is not an interpersonal problem. Not having enough money to buy a fancy car is NOT

                     an interpersonal  problem…)

  1. Do not use real names (see examples of other columns in newspapers)
  2. Do not sign your name. Instead, use a name similar to advice columns (such as “Longing in GA” or “Tired of lies”…)
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