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International Trade Finance Project

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International Trade Finance – Group Project

This group assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. You will be assigned to a group of six, and there will be no exceptions made. There will be an opportunity created for you to connect with your group via break-out rooms in a class leading up to the due date (approximately week 9). It is each group member’s responsibility to contribute to your team submission (I will be requesting draft information from individual contributors to ensure no “free-riding”). If I receive complaints, I will require a confidential team peer evaluation feedback form to be submitted by each group member (regardless of who made the claim), and your final grade will be weighted according to your contribution as judged by your peers. This will ensure grades are fairly awarded based on contribution.

Assignment Summary

As discussed in class, risk is always present in international trade. For some organizations, risk is an effective deterrent to engage in trade, and for others it presents an exciting opportunity.

Your task is to assume the role of Canadian Exporter and compare and contrast the environments of two different countries with a focus on risk. Specifically, you will need to assess political risk, economic risk, foreign exchange risk, bank risk, and transportation risk in each of these countries. For example, with respect to political risk, you will need to assess:

The frequency of coups and labour unrestPossibility of a war or civil disruptionMovements towards expropriation and protectionismSocial and ethnic conflictsThe role of the militaryThe role of political opposition

Then, you will need to select three international trade finance risk management tools, stating what the tool is, how it works, and why it would be effective for the risk present in one of the countries selected. In other words, explain why the tool used would help reduce risk.


Your report should be no more than 10 pages (2500 words), double spaced, size 12 font, times new roman with 1” margins on the top/bottom/left/right.

Citations and References

Be sure to cite and reference where the information is coming from. For instance, if you find information about recent coups or labour unrest in a country, where did you read it? Refer to APA@Conestoga for help with citations.

Grading Rubric

 Country ACountry B
Description of Risks Present/25/25
Political Risk/5/5
Economic Risk/5/5
Foreign Exchange Risk/5/5
Bank Risk/5/5
Transportation Risk/5/5
Risk Management Tools30
State 3 tools/5
Explanation how the tool works/5
Explanation of why the tool reduces risk/20
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