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International Business Assignment

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Products must be adapted to accommodate national differences arising from customer preferences and each market’s economic conditions, climate, culture, and language.

Think about the following products: packaged flour, swimsuits, textbooks, and automobiles. For each of these products, describe how a company would need to adapt marketing to suit conditions in China, Germany and Saudi Arabia. In particular, think about the nature of the product, its pricing, distribution and marketing communications (advertising and promotional activities) associated with it.

Keep in mind that China is an emerging market, Saudi Arabia is an emerging market with a conservative culture rooted in Islam and Germany is an advanced and liberal economy.

There is no page limit. Make sure that you included all the products and markets to your paper listed above, your answers/analyses make sense and prepared a high quality paper.

You can use 12 font, Times New Roman and 1,5 space. You can also use MLA, Harvard or APA as a citation and referencing style. 


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