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Interests Of Stakeholders In Projects

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Every project has a set of stakeholders—people who have a direct interest in the project. Stakeholders may have different interests in the project.

What do you think are some of the primary interests of each stakeholder? If two people in any environment have different interests about the same object, and these interests are opposite, problems are bound to arise. Give an example of a project where two stakeholders have different interests. In your example, what are the interests that generate conflict? Suppose you are a project manager.

Explain how you’ll handle these problems or conflicts. Which of these problems can be avoided early on? Which ones do you believe are impossible to avoid? Give rationale to support your answers.

The Project Charter is a result of the initiation phase. This document provides formal approval for the project to begin and authorizes the project manager to apply resources to the project. What should be included in the project charter and why.

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