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Integrated Foundation Year Transition to University

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Integrated Foundation Year Transition to University

Assignment Overview
You will be required to briefly summarise and interpret information from articles you have found related to the chosen topic. You will
analyze this information by showcasing the significance of this research area when writing your essay.
Assignment Tasks
1500 words +/- 10% (excluding any footnotes/references).
Using academic sources to support your points, i.e., legal textbooks, journal papers and cases, write an academic essay addressing
one of the following:
Essay titles: (pick one only)

Integrated Foundation Year Transition to University

Question 1: Law
‘English Law does not normally impose liability for an omission or failure to act even though there may be compelling moral
justifications for doing so. For example, the courts have often explained that there is no legal duty upon a stranger to rescue a
drowning child.’
Consider whether the current legal principles governing omissions are satisfactory.
Question 2: Criminology
Discuss crime and deviance. Support your discussion with examples of different types of crime in the UK.
Consider a minimum of two examples of crime. The debate could be informed by criminology, psychology, or criminal corporate
investigations positions.
Question 3: Criminology
Identify two types of crimes. Explain the extent of the crime in the UK.
Types of crime are limited to (1.) knife crime, (2.) domestic violence, (3.) cybercrime/fraud (4.) hate crimes.
In considering the extent of the chosen crime, include UK data/statistics and information on offenders & victims.

Question 4:
An essay title of your choice (to be agreed with your tutor before you begin).
For example:
What impact does poverty have on crime rates in the UK?
How effective is the rehabilitation system in the UK?
Why do ex-offenders commit crimes again?
Once you have selected your chosen essay question/ topic, ensure to complete the following:
i. Provide a deconstruction of the question, key terms, and the instruction words. This will help ensure you understand the question.
ii. Show evidence of legal rules and authorities you have used to inform your analysis where appropriate.
iii. Which criminological or contemporary theories best explain selected crime types?
Assessment Submission
To submit your work, please go to the ‘Submit your work’ area of the FDN024 module NILE site. It is important that you submit your
work to the correct module NILE site and that it is submitted on time. Please ensure you have read the regulations regarding
late submissions and non-submissions.
Academic Practice
The University of Northampton policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism, collusion, or any other methods by which students
have obtained (or attempted to obtain) an unfair advantage. Support and guidance on assessments and academic integrity can be
found from the Skills Hub:

We all have times when we struggle, and life gets in the way. If this happens, do not leave this to the last minute; speak to your
lecturers and PAT before it becomes an issue. However, if you need a little more time, you can apply for an extension

through the module NILE site (Assessment & Submission) link and provide evidence of where you are with your work and why
you are struggling. Staff can grant you up to 2 weeks, depending on the issue. If you need more time and have had a serious issue,
you can apply for mitigating circumstances. You will need to evidence the issue, and they will decide if that is acceptable.

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