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Integral Aspect of Human Existence Presentation

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Groups are an integral aspect of human existence – individuals belong to groups for their families, friends, jobs, college classes, and social activities. Even so, communicating effectively within groups is challenging and there are processes and skills necessary for leadership, group culture, decision making, cohesiveness, use of technology, and ethical group communication.

Your employer has asked you to present on effective group communication in the organization. You must prepare a PowerPoint presentation, creating one slide for each of the topics below. Be sure to include your speaker notes in the Notes section below each slide. Include a minimum of three relevant citations throughout your presentation.

You may use this template as a basis for your presentation, or develop your own. Feel free to edit, modify, or enhance the presentation in any way you wish. You may even add audio if you like.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Slide 1: Title Slide
  • Slides 2-3: What is group communication? Provide one example to illustrate the importance of effective group communication.
  • Slides 3-4: What are group networks? Provide one example to illustrate the benefit of group networks.
  • Slides 4-5: What is organizational communication? Provide one example to illustrate a way in which organizational communication affects working in groups.
  • Slides 5-6: Identify two strategies to learn about an organization’s culture.
  • Slides 6-7: Identify two communication challenges facing today’s organizations. Offer two suggestions to overcome these challenges.
  • Slide 8+: References (minimum of 3)

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