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Institutional Leadership Interview Assignment

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  1. Contact 3 practicing school principals or other school leaders (e.g., academic directors, superintendents, school directors, deans, department chairs at a university, etc.). Feel free to reach out to someone you know within a school district where you currently work or live, or reach out to leaders more broadly!

    Schedule a phone conference of approximately 15 minutes with each principal/leader.

    Interview each principal/leader, using the following prompts in the order presented:

    1. Help me understand your thoughts about your primary role as a principal/leader
    1. I invite you to share your own definition of instructional leadership.
    1. Discuss how you model the concept of instructional leadership with your faculty and staff.
    1. Please describe at least 2 examples of your own instructional leadership during the past month.
    1. What should I have asked you about instructional leadership that I did not, and how would you have answered that question?
    1. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper recording your thoughts about the interviews, any similarities in the answers of your interviewees, and any differences in the answers of your interviewees. Finally, identify the major idea that you learned about instructional leadership as a result of these interviews.

      Please note:

 You do not need to include a transcript of your interview or a recording of your interview with this assignment. However, you are encouraged to integrate direct quotes or excerpts of your conversation in your paper as you see fit.

Cite all references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


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