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Innovation Case Study Project

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Instructions: Overview

This assignment consists of two parts. Part 1 consists of a series of innovation-related questions applied to the Nespresso case. Where applicable, please detail and answer each question using the major innovation concepts and/or tools that we worked with throughout this course. Part 2 requires you to conduct a traditional business case analysis leading to your well-reasoned, professional recommendation as to what NCS must do to reach its growth targets.

Part 1:  Innovation-Related Questions

  1. What innovation theory and/or framework of analysis best explains Nestle’s approach to innovation and the historical development of Nespresso?
  2. What made Nespresso and NCS “innovative”? Be sure to consider and address this innovation relative to the product, industry, market, and Nestle. 
  3. Describe and explain the nature of the Nestle business model relative to Nespresso. Was/is this the best choice for Nestle to create and capture value with Nespresso?  Please explain and justify your opinion.
  4. Describe and explain Nestle’s efforts to “create a climate of innovation” at the company and in support of the Nespresso product. Please be sure to address the important issues of culture, leadership, and company organization (especially organization efforts relative to Nespresso).
  5. Apply Keeley’s Ten Type innovation analysis to this case. Identify and describe the type(s) that you believe best explains Nestle’s innovation efforts relative to Nespresso. If applicable, identify and describe a Keeley “innovation play” at work in this case (see Keeley, Chapter 20). If no Keeley “innovation play” example readily applies to this case, then develop and explain an “innovation play” (using Keeley’s model) that best explains this Nespresso case. 
  6. What lessons could be learned about innovation and renovation from the Nespresso story?

Part 2:  Traditional Case Analysis & Business Recommendation

Please provide a written analysis of the Nespresso case according to the following outline and guidelines:

  1. Problem – case question: “What must NCS do now to reach its ambitious growth targets?”
  2. Introduction (no more than one page): basic facts regarding the company and the product
  3. Explanation and summary of the current situation (no more than two pages)
    • A clearly defined problem supported by the facts and an identification of all the major issues that may relate to any of the following: Nestle, strategy, customers, marketing, industry, competition, and other
  4. Development and explanation of three feasible solutions to the problem (no more than three pages)
    • What could be done? Be sure to identify and explain potential challenges, benefits, limitations, and likelihood of success for each solution.
  5. Your professional recommendation (no more than two pages)
    •  What course of action? Why? Provide a persuasive argument for your chosen option. Be sure to detail the potential challenges, limitations, and expected benefits from pursuing your recommended solution. 
    • Identify and describe the steps necessary to implement this solution – identify and define the activities that must be performed
    • Be sure to address any/all the major functional areas impacted by your solutions (i.e., management, sales, marketing, operations, HR, etc.)   
    • What are your expected outcomes and expectations regarding likelihood of success?    

Parameters: Part 1: one to two pages per question (six to 12 pages total); Part 2: total of no more than eight pages. (Case study total: 14 to 20 pages.)

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