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Informatics Competencies Nursing Practice

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What were your initial thoughts on reading the AACN Information Systems/Technology Essentials for the DNP graduate?

Over the last decade or so there has been fast-paced changes. The government assisted with these changes through the electronic medical records implementation (EMR) to help move us forward. Information technology has been an essential change in today’s medicine that has helped spread better more accessible ways to gain healthcare. Through this technology, nurses have been able to track areas that needed advancement to provide better and safer care to patients. Data has been collected and easier to access for quality improvement. With data stores we can not only access a collection of data easier, but we have been able to transport our health care records with us wherever we go through Information technology. The DNP nurse will have the professional development to influence and enhance essentials through organizational and leadership skills and interprofessional collaboration gained in education and experience to enhance the development of nursing standards according to Giardino & Hickey, (2020.)  The DNP nurse prepares graduates through the development or innovation of practice change and implementation of quality improvement processes. The Ph.D. graduate with the use of research and statistics works with statistical methodologies to make change. Both degrees use information technology to do this. (Loescher, Love Badger, 2021).

  • Did you find any of the essentials surprising? Why or Why not? I was not surprised by the changes as I have lived through the advancement of technologies from black and white TV with 6 channels to Dish, WIFI, and wireless cellphones that we carry in our pockets.
  • Describe the changes you have seen in your practice setting over the past five years that have been brought about by the use of technology and evidence-based practice. The use of electronic medical records (EMR) has changed many things in nursing from the accessibility of one’s history to safer administration of medications. We can find information in a quicker and more easily accessed way. If you are older, you remember charting by hand and looking up medications in drug books. In a way, this is harmful to newer nurses who rely on the internet for information. If the technology of today was to have a breach of functionality, I have my own concerns for the ability of newer nurses to function. I personally have met new nurses who have no idea how to even begin to chart unless using electronic charting. The biggest advancement in the last few years was the advancement of telemedicine and patient care with the pandemic of COVID-19.
  • Describe the changes you expect to see in your practice setting over the next five years based on technology. WOW, this is a very challenging question. Looking back at the advancements in the last 5 years seems like a lot so trying to guess at what will be is difficult. I would wonder to guess that simulation technology should advance in the next 5 years making teaching hands-on skills more improved and life-like. Also, the ability to scan other more advanced diagnostics would be a possible advancement and a decline in medical injuries with the use of advancing robotic-assisted procedures. By 2025 Artificial intelligence is expected to make great changes in nursing (Robert, 2019) robotics already are advancing in engineering to respond to emotional circumstances these robots are called social or companion robots that are designed to help older adults. They are expecting to develop robots to perform nursing duties like ambulation, vital signs, and medication delivery this will change the role of nursing and how we care for patients. (Robert, 2019).
  • How have these changes affected nursing practice in your setting? Nursing education and clinical practice skills have become a bit more complicated with not only the hands-on patient care, but incorporation of technical skills needed to perform many of the nursing duties. With the expected advancements nursing will be making great changes in what we do. There is no telling where it is going until it happens at this time, we will continue to use information technology as a tool to enhance our safety of practice.


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