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Important Concepts In Human Live

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The reading from Gaudium et Spes (GS), especially chapters 1 and 2, has a great deal to say about the human person, about the qualities and characteristics that make us human, and especially about human dignity.  You are asked to read it carefully, AFTER having read the previous posted Notes: These Notes explain important concepts that will help guide your thinking when you read this document. Then explain what this document says about the following question points:


a) What is the source or origin of human dignity? The Notes have discussed this. This question is about where human dignity comes from, or HOW WE GOT IT in the first place. The answer needs to identify where GS specifically refers to this. (Note that section 16, and especially the clause, “Our very dignity comes from observing this inner law,” is NOT the correct answer.  This is one place where the translation is a little misleading.  In this passage, it means that “observing this inner law” is an indicator, characteristic, or reflection of our human dignity – not that it is the origin of it. Likewise, the “inner law” itself or “conscience” is not the origin.) (To answer this question, identify a minimum of one point from document.)

b) What qualities, characteristics, attributes, or capabilities constitute or make up our human dignity? In other words, what does this document say about what it means to be human?  (Minimum of two points from document)

c) What is necessary in order for human dignity to be respected as it deserves?  That is, how are human beings — precisely BECAUSE of their dignity — supposed to be treated?  (Minimum of three points from document)

Identify and explain the minimum specified number of points that this document makes in regard to each one of these questions.  Be sure to cite the document section number — NOT page number — of the point you are discussing (e.g., #23).  Briefly quote the text, cite it, and then explain/discuss it in your own words. For this assignment, the total word count of all three answers added together fulfills the word count requirement for essay assignments.

Make sure you follow the Instructions for Essay Assignments on the Syllabus and in “How to Answer an Essay Assignment.”  Very important:  Your answer must be based ONLY on your reading of the assignment, NOT on any outside sources.

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