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Impact Of Emerging Technology On the Society

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In this 8-10+ page paper (2000-2500+ words), students will discuss the impact of an emerging digital technology on individuals and their society. The paper will center on the idea of change. What changes are occurring in connection with the technology? Why and how are these changes occurring? To what extent are they disruptive?

First, you will choose an emerging digital technology and share it with me early in the semester through the Journal Assignment that will be due.

Then, you will do research on your topic and write a paper, using APA format, that explains what you learned. You may use first person (“I”). Your paper will include both of the following sections…

A. Change in the development of relationships (you can focus on any or all of these types of relationships: acquaintances, friends, families, groups)

B. Change in work (focus on any of these or work in general: jobs, businesses, corporations, careers, industries, economics)

…and any two of the following four sections

C. Change in governing (focus on any of these or governing in general: national and international relations, laws, criminal justice, politics) 

D. Change in the culture (focus on any or all of these aspects of culture: ordinary behaviors, norms, values, beliefs, ethics)

E. Change in entertainment (focus on any one or two of these or entertainment in general: music, TV, movies, books, magazines, games, new media)

F. Change in social institutions (choose one or two as applicable to your project: education, libraries, medicine, religion, transportation systems, military).

…for a total of four substantive sections, separated and labeled as such in the paper (the paper will also have an Introduction and Conclusion)

Then, within each of the four substantive sections, you will include each of the following sub-sections, separated and labeled as such: 

1. Uses and Trends: an overview of the uses and trends of the technology as it relates to the issue being addressed, both historically and currently (you will discover these via your own research)

2. Disruptive Impact: an analysis of the disruptive capabilities of the technology as it relates to that issue (refer to the criteria of disruption and some course readings here)

3. Predictions: based on your research, what kinds of changes do you predict as a result of the integration of this technology into society? (You can include your educated opinions in this section, and may refer to the opinions of other experts as well.)

…so, once completed, your paper will have FOUR substantive sections with THREE sub-sections in each. There is no need to change the names of the labels of the sub-sections in the paper – just label them in the paper exactly as they are labeled here.

Then, you will do research to provide facts and evidence for the issues being discussed. Cumulatively — across all the sections and sub-sections — your paper must contain at least ten research sources (you may need more), including:

At least two news articles from reputable, credible organizations – one or both of these can be a report relevant to your topic from the Pew Research Center, possibly from their internet and technology section (

Three articles or book chapters from the class

A variety of at least five types of other credible, relevant media sources (other kinds of articles, YouTube videos, blog posts, websites, etc. — make sure they are factual and say something meaningful).

You can spread these sources out throughout the paper as you see fit, using and referring to them as you see fit. You may use any source more than once, and may use them in combination with one another to make deeper points. All factual info and statistics cited must have a source. You should also give attribution to any specific idea that derived from another source. 

Your paper must also include:

A strong, catchy, descriptive title and title page (which is not included in the page count)

An Introduction that makes it clear to the reader what the overall paper will be about, names the sections to be included, and states an overall thesis. (Do not title this section the “introduction.” Just start the paper.)

A Conclusion to the paper that restates what the overall paper was about, restates the sections that were included and the overall thesis, and leaves the reader with a something specific, concise, and interesting to think about. You may also include your own educated opinion as to the overall, larger impact of the technology in this section. (You may title this section the “Conclusion,” or you may give it a more substantive title.)

A bibliography (reference list) of your sources used in the paper in APA format (which is not included in the page count)

Formatic notes: Use APA format throughout the paper as you use to the best of you ability, and integrate and cite your sources throughout properly. However, your paper will NOT require an introductory abstract (as APA allows).

Your paper should be double-spaced OR it can simply use the page spacing and margins of your word processing program (which might be somewhat less than double-spacing). It should use a traditional font (Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri) and font size (11 or 12 point). It should be approximately 8-10 pages in length, or 2000-2500 words. It can be longer, but should not be shorter. There is plenty to say!

This paper will be assessed with the rubric in the syllabus and on the Canvas course site and when successfully completed, you will meet the RU Core Goal CCO-2 or ITR-y, as appropriate.

We can also meet to discuss your topic at additional points during the semester – stop by my office hours or contact me at any time to set up an appointment.

More on APA format:

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