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Immersive Online Learning Simulation

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Immersive Online Learning Simulation


In this assignment, you will be playing an immersive online learning simulation.

Below you can read the main learning outcomes and techniques you’ll practice, as well as a brief introduction and storyline to the simulation.
Once you are ready, you can start the simulation by pressing the simulation launch button/link.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…
Use the correct clothing to work in the lab
Describe the do’s and don’ts in a laboratory
correctly use the lab safety equipment
React in an emergency situation


About this Learning Simulation

Laboratories can be very dangerous, especially if you’ve never set foot in one before. So in this simulation, you’ll get the chance to make your debut in a virtual one! You will learn how to use the lab safety equipment, and how to react in case of an emergency. Detect and eliminate sources of danger and pass on your lab safety knowledge to friends.

Identify hazards

Safety first! Always pay attention to potential hazards when you enter a lab. In this simulation, you will create a tidy and safe working environment by identifying and eliminating hazards in the lab. You will be introduced to the lab safety rules and the safety equipment, which will help you and your colleagues, if something was to go wrong in a real lab.

Emergency training

You will be introduced to the basic hazard symbols used to categorize dangerous materials. You’ll use this knowledge to prevent dangerous situations, like acid spills. But you will also learn how to deal with unlabeled, potentially hazardous chemicals. By mastering such situations in this simulation, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to any real danger. You will learn how to operate the eye-wash and also get an introduction to various other pieces of lab safety equipment.

Spread your knowledge

It is important to share your newly acquired knowledge with your colleagues. In this simulation, you will meet your friend Lucy who’s never worked in a lab before. Pass on your lab safety knowledge and help her dress appropriately for a day in the lab.

Will you be able to apply your knowledge, and make sure that you and your friend stay safe in the laboratory?

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