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Hypothetical Business Response Assignment

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Hypothetical Business Response Assignment


My Hypothetical Business is a Pet Sitting Business that will be located in Durham, North Carolina mainly in the city area that is a central locations from the closest suburbs of Chapel Hill, and Raleigh North Carolina.

My focus audience will be single white females that are strong business women that have pets.  We will also focus on white females that are mothers with one or two children.  Statistical information reveals that women of today have equal opportunities in the job market and are mothers.  Women have a strong influence in the decisions on purchasing power within many modern families of today (insights in marketing, 2021).Hypothetical Business Response Assignment

Therefore my slogan and logo represent white working women who need pet sitting services especially if they are women that may have jobs that cause them to work overtime and or take sudden business trips and need a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter.

My main strategy in traditional advertising to promote my business will be pubic relations and we will work on local events that are geared towards the working women in the community.  We will focus on flyers, church programs, parades and even local colleges in the area.  The area of Raleigh and Durham is strong in the educational support as well as high technology companies that promote science museums and the area is strong when it comes to the cultural arts which will be a perfect place to promote most successful white women.

Insights in marketing, 2021.


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