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Human Trafficking And Criminal Justice Essay

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Instructions: read: Human Trafficking – From a criminal justice to social justice approach Keynote Disrupting Traffick – May 2019 – Borislav Gerasimov GAATW.pdf

  • Then post a 350-word response that answers the following questions in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered questions): 
    • What is human trafficking and how has it been defined? (by who?)
    • What is “white slavery” and why do many historians agree that it was a myth? Despite that it might have been a myth, how and why is the narrative of “white slavery” relevant to today? (think about how sex work and trafficking are legislated today)
    • According to Dr Gerasimov, what are some of the main failures of criminal justice approach to trafficking? (be specific)
    • According to the author, what’s the problem with “rescue” and “rehabilitation” efforts at ending trafficking?
    • What are some suggestions the author gives as better approaches to dealing with the issue of trafficking?
    • What are your thoughts on this article and the arguments the author makes? (Do you agree or disagree with the way he frames trafficking and his critiques of how it has been handled? Do you agree with his suggestions for better approaches?  If not, how else do you think trafficking should be addressed?)
    • How can you relate this article and the author’s argument to things you’ve read in the eText, powerpoints or other resources? (be sure to include PROPERLY FORMATTED CITATIONS and a WORKS CITED SECTION – even if you are citing the powerpoint (Links to an external site.)!

  • REMEMBER:  If you copy ANY DIRECT WORDS from the article, you MUST MUST MUST put ALL OF THEM in quotation marks, and then add an in-text citation in parenthesis at the end of the sentence that looks like this, with the proper page number:  (Gerasimov, 2019, p. ??). TRY to RESTATE Gerasimov’s arguments or facts in your OWN WORDS – since I can read the article myself, and see his original words!!  It’s REALLY IMPORTANT you cite properly. Otherwise, posts will be marked with 0 due to plagiarism issues. If this is someone’s second offense, their name will be reported in the Academic Integrity Database. This is a serious offense. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!! See more about how to cite in APA format here:
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