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Human Rights Health Related Issues

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Refugees’ crisis is the advocacy that is going to be tackled in the essay where we will get to look at the size of population of refugees that are in various countries and how they get to experience health issues. In the case of Turkey, there are many refugee cases that have led to the violation of the human rights leading to them getting to experience a lot of health issues because of the unfavorable health conditions (Christodoulou, 2016). Many refugees are not able to access good health care services because they not treated equally like the other citizens and at the same time they are not able to afford the services that can help them have a good healthcare. In the case that it was found out that there were more than 3 million refugees in Turkey and India and this brought a big research problem that needed to be solved through the proposal. The proposal will be able to help find out why the refugees crisis has to be a health issue and bring suggestions on how it can be solved at the same to stop affecting their health.


                   Refugees are people that have moved from their countries in the cause of war, violence or persecution. Many of these people move to other countries thinking of getting a better life than in their country and in the end they don’t get what they anticipated for. In this way they get to stay in slums or in tents in different public places. They do not get to enjoy equal rights as the citizens in those countries since the government less recognizes them. It becomes a health human right issues where in the places where the refugees reside get to e not healthy and there is a lot of congestion (Kotsiou et al., 2018). This leads to the contracting a lot of different types of diseases which affects their health. After they contract the diseases, they are not able to access health services since they cannot afford and this now affects them by being both a health and human right issue at the same time. In the case of Turkey, they have only taken in around 370,000 refugees to whom they have accepted. Others have not been accepted top e treated like the other citizens. In the year 2020 the refugees were really affected where the pandemic was there and could not be able to keep up with their health (Kotsiou et al., 2018).

                   The refugees include people of different ages who live together because of the issues that made them flee out of their countries for the search of a good life. The congestion and high population that is realized in those areas has led to the continued transmission of different types of diseases that continues becoming a human right health related issue. The youths that are in the refugee camps do not have any work to do rather that going around raping girls and having unprotected sex that has led to the transmission of STIs and HIV and this has affected the life of young girls and at the same time leading to them having early pregnancies (Eruyar et al., 2018). The women with children have failed to maintain the health standards that are required in the slums because of lack of water and they are really affected by the bacterial diseases. Also, the refugees camps are the, most places that get affected in the case of floods where there belongings are swiped away with water and at the same the dirty water brings them health issues (Eruyar et al., 2018). These are health issues that the refugees face and in turn there is nothing the country does since they are so many and they cannot afford paying for the health services make them not have equal rights as the other citizens at the same time having health issues.

Advocacy Strategy

                   There are many strategies that can be advocated to address the issue of refugee crisis. The first advocacy strategy that can be used here is to sign a petition of solidarity for the refugees that will enable the government look into then issue of solving issues that refugees go through. Emailing of ones details to the elected officials on being ready to support the refugees and at the same time give out reasons on why the country should be welcoming refugees (Yang et al, 2020). One of the reason can be some of the refugees are skilled and by the government giving them jobs, they will get to add value to the country in one way or the other thus the country should welcome the refugees. The use of social media is an advocate strategy that can be used since things like tweeter make things go viral in many ways, thus putting the need for advocacy of the refugees in social media will help in helping them get help by the government (Yang et al, 2020).

Evidence Of Action

There have been some government regulations that have been put in place to protect the refugees where they consider the refugees being part of the country and citizens and they get to enjoy the same human rights (Dijkzeul et al,. 2013. There also has been the action of global support where globally, there are countries that are super powers and they get to find those that have a high number of refugees and they are given funds that help them to cater for the needs of the refugees. These actions have led to refugees getting treated well and the issues faced by the refugees coming to an end.


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