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Human Resource Terms Discussion

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In this paper, please discuss the Now What Do I Do With Brad and Kerry case study. In doing so, please address the following areas:

  1. Identify the problem: Define the problem in human resource terms.
  2. Diagnose the cause(s): What human resource situation(s) created the problem?
  3. Prescribe possible alternatives: The case study provides an extensive narrative on proposed approaches to the problem. This discussion begins on page 61 of the case. Review and evaluate these solutions by highlighting the pros and cons for each.
  4. Recommend a plan of action (decision/implementation): Choose which employee should be promoted.
  5. In addition, each case study response should also state why this case is important and relevant to a study of business.
  6. The paper: (A) Supported its observations with research (at least three references) and logic; (B) Discussed what limitations exist with the case study information provided; and (C) Identified what other material or information important to the analysis.

Submit a 3-4 page case paper, (independent of reference page) double-spaced. Paper and all citations should be in APA format.

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