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Human Resource Management Assignment

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This is a GROUP project: Find one (1) other student to complete this project (and the next), (two students per group ONLY). If you cannot find anyone, please contact me. You are required to come up with interview questions as an HR.

Project Goals: You are HR specialists, and your end goal is to hire the right person for the job.

Your tasks:

  • Make sure the different stages in a typical employment interview are addressed in your submission (Figure 6-12, p. 199).
  • You MUST prepare a list of interview questions for every ad (Use the ads you found from your previous assignment; two distinct sets of questions per group). This is stage 1 of the interview process: Interview preparation.

Remember that there are many different question formats available (see p. 197). Make sure you choose the right format for your two advertised positions.

Submit your analysis to Brightspace. This assignment is worth 10 marks.

Note: Remember to reference your work.


Employment interview design (Stages 2 to 5)2
Interview Preparation Questions relevancy and effectiveness (Stage 1)4
Grammar, spelling, referencing etc.4
Detailed rubric can be found on Brightspace 
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