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Human Biology Writing Assignment

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Human Biology Writing Assignment


One of the goals of this course is to help you to become more accustomed to reading and thinking about research in the biological sciences.  Many of these readings are related to human health or our environment, and being able to understand them will certainly be an asset to you in your future pursuits and as a person.

For this assignment, you will be writing summaries of articles related to human biology.  When you are reading the article and writing the summaries, you should think about the scientific process.  What is the initial observation, the hypothesis, the experiment, and the conclusions?

There are two due dates, so two summaries to be written.  Due dates are listed on the calendar.

Guidelines for writing assignment

What type of article should I be reading?
The topic must be related to Human Biology –  HUMAN

  • Biology is a very broad topic and many articles will be acceptable.
  • Generally, articles reported in a major newspaper or magazines are best.
    • I highly recommend the New York Times. You may use internet sources that are credible, current articles from journals or newspaper, but no Wikipedia. I suggest Discover, Scientific American, Popular Science, Time, Newsweek, or any research journal.  Our CSCC library is an excellent resource.  YOU MUST ATTACH A PHOTO OF THE ARTICLE SUBMITTED, AT LEAST THE COVER.

What do I have to write?

  • Use the form provided on Bb as your guide.
  • You are to summarize the article that you have read.  You may offer some analysis, but the assignment is for the summary. Please remember this is a writing assignment therefore, most points are centered on this answer. 3 paragraphs minimum.
  • You should include the steps of the scientific process as they apply to the article. Think about the problem (observation) that led the researchers to this topic, what their hypothesis was, what their experiment and conclusions were.
  • A large portion of your grade will be based on the scientific process portion of the summary, your explanation of how these procedures were followed. Do you think they were?
  • use APA format, double spacing
  • Many topics in the news have moral, ethical, or political aspects to them.  You are free to write about these and express your opinions, but be sure that you also complete the assignment as described above.
  • Think deeply about the questions I ask you. DO NOT just give surface answers.  THINK about the impact on the world, on you, on your future.
  • The article write-up form is on blackboard, please feel free to type in the spaces or attach a typed version, but you must follow the form. 12 point font, times new roman, standard margins.
  • As you summarize each article, you must use 2 (and ONLY 2) citations (MLA format) from the article to add to your summary. Only these citations may be quoted and in quotations.  The rest of the write-up must be in your own words. Remember all statistics must be in quotations.
  • image copies of the article must be uploaded to the write-up.
  • Points are allotted for the article chosen, strength of the new discovery, citations, summary, and your opinions. 20 points each.  See dates on calendar
  • IF English is not your first language, know that you will be held to the same writing standards, so make use of our tutors.
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