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HRM in LAKME Organization Assignment

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Concentrating on LAKME organization in India, you will be required to compile and deliver an 8-minute strategy presentation to your CEO). The presentation will need to summarize a sustainability strategy for the next 2 to 3 years for your LAKME organization including specific key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The presentation should be no more than 6-7 slides excluding title page, last page, references page and cover those elements of sustainability covered in Weeks 1 to 10. You will be assessed by the module convenor primarily on your knowledge of sustainability and ability to package and communicate this coherently. It is important that you do not simply regurgitate the current strategy of the LAKME organization but focus on innovative sustainability ideas for the future and their tangible, strategic benefits for the organization, KPIs and how you will measure them. The presentation will need to be created using Powerpoint.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to define and explain the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development. be able to describe stakeholder theory and construct stakeholder maps for particular businesses. be able to identify a range of frameworks for sustainability and assess a business′s sustainability performance against these various frameworks. be able to identify, analyse and describe how sustainability can provide a source of innovation and competitive advantage to businesses. be able to research and evaluate the social and environmental risks and opportunities which impact on a particular business, use these to build a sustainability strategy for this business, and create a plan for improvement over the next two to three years.

PPT format: Title page Introduction to the LAKME organization summarise 2- 3 sustainable strategies Benefits for LAKME after using this challenges it will face bring in stakeholders how you measure the success of the strategies implement strategies references last page (thank you) I will attach week 1 to week 10 file. Use sustainable strategies from that.

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