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Healthcare Organization and Cybercrime

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Identify a healthcare organization that has been impacted by a cybercriminal



Cyber threats are a reality. Even as security holes are found and fixed, new holes are discovered, causing havoc for those affected. You or your company may have been impacted by one of these threats. Conduct research to identify a healthcare organization that has been impacted by a cyber criminal (this organization needs to be different from any explored in your course discussions). Based on this research, write about the threat, the short and long-term impacts (financial, brand name, product quality, customer loyalty, etc.), and how the company addressed the threat. What could have been done to avoid the threat? Who was ultimately responsible for the outcome? Conclude with your own recommendation on what could have been done to avoid or minimize the damage.

Write a 1000-1250-word paper with the title page and reference pages excluded from the word count. Research, assessment, conclusions, and recommendations should be substantiated by at least three scholarly or professional journal articles in addition to corporate and other fact-based publications written within the last five years cited in-text and referenced. APA format is required, but do not include an abstract.

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