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Healthcare Infrastructure Assignment

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Why is the healthcare sector considered critical infrastructure? Give an example when a cybersecurity attack or an equipment failure affected an organization’s ability to provide its usual medical care.

Cite at least one reference to support your discussion: 2 PAGES

Is the Apple Watch a Medical Device?

Write a short report (2 pages) that discusses the features of the current Apple Watch that would classify it as a medical device, including any fitness features.


1. A description of the Apple watch in general and its relationship to the iPhone

2. Features that come with the watch that allow for monitoring of any health or fitness related data (e.g, heart rate, steps taken, medication tracking)

3. Any additional features that can be added through the downloading of specific health-related apps (e.g., nutrition information). Name at least 2 apps with associated costs

4. A description of where and what and where data may be stored (e.g., on the watch, in the cloud), are there any privacy concerns?

5. Would you recommend this device to an older family member, if so why (e.g., features)

Provide at least 2 citations to the source of your information

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