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Healthcare Data Analysis And Design

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Healthcare Data Analysis And Design


Human resource records of a large corporation were investigated to determine the costs of flu-like illnesses on an employed population involved in different working environments. Employees were categorized by working environment: enclosed office, cubicle, open-space, or mobile. It is of interest to determine whether the working environment is related to sick leave. Sick leave is a continuous variable but does not arise from a symmetric distribution. Discuss the most appropriate methods for describing the data (graphically and numerically) and addressing the research question.

Submit your initial post (at least 200 words) by Thursday at 11:59pm CST. You will be able to see peers’ posts after you post your own. Then, respond to at least one of your peers in a way that advances the conversation (minimum of 50 words) by noting issues missed or misidentified by the original poster; or by critically expanding on an existing issue. The response is due by Sunday at 11:59pm CST.

please write 500 to 700 words discussion post.

use APA format, double spacing

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