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Health Tips from Coach Class

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Clean eating doesn’t mean that you eat “perfectly” never “cheating” never falling for certain not so healthy cravings. It’s about making good food choices 90% of the time because we love and value our bodies and health. Part of life especially during the holidays, special occasions, and vacations is enjoyment. It’s enjoyable to have dinner with your friends and share a dessert. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the majority of your food choices benefit your body nutritionally. Remember that your body is affected by what you do the MAJORITY of the time. Not occasionally. 

For example, if I have a piece of cake at my friend’s birthday party you’re not going to know I had that cake tomorrow. However, if I make it a week or month-long birthday celebration that cake is going to start to show on my back, stomach, or in the form of love handles. lol. One “bad” meal is not going to make you unhealthy just like one “good” meal isn’t going to all of a sudden make you healthy. The key is consistency. The same goes for your workouts. You can’t workout once a week or month and expect to see results. Saying all this to say. Make healthy choices and clean eating part of your lifestyle, which isn’t perfect but sure is wonderful! Your body will surely reflect your decisions.

Workout Jam of the week

Bhampa Side to Side by DJ Cleo

Nutritional Tip of the week

This is how your portions should look on your plate ideally. Stack up on those veggies and keep the carbs and lean meat to quarters of the plate


Fit Tip of the week

You ever workout or go for a run and feel a crazy side stitch or cramp? Well, it’s basically a muscle spasm of your diaphragm which is instrumental in breathing and can get super tired. These cramps are a result of shallow breathing and they’re a little alarm letting you know that you’re not taking deep enough breaths. It could also be the result of an imbalance of blood electrolytes. But to avoid these crazy side cramps first put your hand on your stomach and take deep breaths. If you’re breathing from your lower lungs your stomach should rise and fall. Also, you should stretch out the cramp. So if the cramp is on your right side, raise your right hand and lean to your left and vice versa if it’s on the other side. Also, try not to eat less than an hour or two preferably two before your workout. Cause that can also cause the cramp as well.

Side Pain
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