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Health Promotion Discussion Assignment

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Health Promotion Discussion Assignment


J.R. is a nurse practitioner who serves an urban Chinese community. The challenges she faces daily include coordinating health care for the community members, fostering compliance with treatment regimens, and teaching the community about health prevention and early detection of diseases and conditions.

J.R. has learned that one of the main reasons the community members do not adhere to their treatment regimens is because of mistrust of Western medicine. Many of the patients are older adults who rely on homeopathic treatments they learned in China as children. These patients prefer to take Chinese herbs in lieu of prescription medications.

Additionally, these patients do not like to attend health screenings or take part in immunization clinics because they do not believe these measures are beneficial to their health


What type of prevention JR is trying to achieve when she encourages her patient population to attend the blood pressure screening events? Health Promotion Discussion Assignment

Please elaborate your answer; compare prevention types, give examples and share similar challenges you might have faced during your practice.

Use APA format, double spaced , new times roman.


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