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Health Issue In Workplaces

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Corona Virus Pandemic as a major health issue in workplaces.

Corona virus has been the contemporary pandemic which is paralyzing the workplace environment. Commonly known as COVID-91, it is a respiratory disease which is mostly spread through contact with infected persons or infected surfaces. The virus was declared a pandemic by World Health Organization some months ago. It has changes the operations of all activities which involve assembling of people at one place including workplaces (Ramesh, Siddaiah, & Joseph, 2019).

Effects of COVID-19 on employers.

Corona virus has created several impacts on the employer, some which are advantageous while others are detrimental. For instance, the pandemic has brought huge losses to the employers by cutting down production rates due to the reduced number of employees thus reducing product sales. Employers have been forced to suspend or fire some of the members of their workforce in order to reduce the operation costs. The employers have also incurred high cost in integrating safety measure which are recommended by the government health agencies (Fadel, Salomon, & Descatha, 2020).

Effects of COVID-19 on employees.

The COVID-19 has greatly affected the employees. Most of these employees have been suspended from their jobs while others have been fired. The daily increase in the number of new infections has also instilled fear among the employees who in turn opt not to report to their workplaces. Some of these employees have also received pay cuts in their salaries due to the losses caused by the pandemic. Employees who have tested positive have been stigmatized by their fellows as well as their relatives.

Proactive measures by the employers and employees in fighting Corona Virus.

Employers and employees can be useful in providing mitigation measures which can help in reducing the effects of the pandemic at workplaces. Firstly, employers can initiate precaution measures recommended by the governmental health measures in their workplaces. These measures should aim at reducing the rate of new infections at workplaces. Secondly, employees can observe hygienic standards at workplaces and use personal protective methods to reduce and prevent further spread of the virus.


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