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Guiding The Creative Process

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Guiding The Creative Process


Do you remember how simple playthings, even an empty box, could lead to so much fun when you were young? Watch as children develop their creativity in a preschool classroom by imitating and innovating as they experiment with clay. Notice how the teacher guides the children as they make bird’s nests, while still allowing them the freedom to express their creativity. After watching the video and reviewing the unit readings and resources, including Chapter 1 of the text, respond to the following two questions:

  1. In the first stage of play shown in the video toddlers are given the opportunity to experience the process of playing freely with the clay. In the second stage the teacher uses guided instruction to show the children how to create a specific product by modeling how to make clay bird nests. What are the benefits of supporting rather than leading children in the creative
  3. process and focusing on the process rather than the product?
  4. Identify one example of a convergent question (a question with one correct answer) and one example of a divergent question (one with many possible answers) that the teacher uses in this activity.  How do divergent questions encourage creativity and critical thinking?

In your responses to classmates: Imagine that the teacher in the video gave the children an open-ended project instead of a specific product-based project. What DAP techniques would you recommend the teacher use to help the children develop and enjoy expressing creativity?  Discuss the pros and cons of your techniques with your classmates.

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